Friday, March 09, 2007

A.E Dedication!

Strange isn’t it, you remember our beginning in libraries, I remember it started in MSN! Needless to say, no matter how it started, it still progressed the same way and eventually we all turned out to be close and really good friends.

As time passes by - more secrets and thoughts were shared - our relationship deepened. I would say if it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t be the JYZX I am today. Through my ups and downs, I could remember that you guys were always there to listen. Thanks. All your encouragement and laughter sure helped cheer me up whenever I ended up ‘3moing’over something ‘stupid’. Haha. Thanks again.

To me, I would say we’re all like pieces of puzzles placed by God. In fact, I think that you all could be the pieces bonded to my puzzle piece. In a way or another, we’re always connected with each other - school friends and church friends - because we’re all part of this BIG puzzle. If one were missing, the puzzle wouldn’t be complete. Thus, everyone is equally important in this LIFE puzzle. You two, however, are especially important to me because you are the puzzle pieces that hold me together and not make me go loose and missing. So once again, THANKS! ^^

5 things I like about each one of you.

A- Smart , VERY hardworking , Caring , Friendly , Sweet in person
E- Cheerful , Caring , Funny , Smart , Hardworking

And of course the 6th , you guys are always there to hear me (yab yab yab yab…) (laugh laugh laugh laugh) (complain complain complain) ( …..) , well, always there for me. Hehe.

Dots, puzzles... What could be next? I can’t wait to find out.

P.S: (I can predict the future)

This Sunday... 11th of March, JYZX: Happy Birthday to You (x2), Happy Birthday to …… (silence) where’s everybody??? Well, maybe the fishes will sing to me when I’m snorkeling later. Haha!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

20 Days after the reopening of SCHOOL

And I’m already feeling bored…RESTLESS!!

My daily routine revolves getting up at 6.30 in the morning for school. Studying studying studying in school and of course having fun whenever an opportunity for mischief arises…. Tuitions in the afternoon or if none, my sweet afternoon nap will rule the whole afternoon. At night it’s TV time before going to study up in my room on my bed (which is a nice thing to do because it makes me very very sleepy ) ^^

Well, these for now IS my life from Mondays – Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays are relaxing and enjoyable because there’s YA and Church and Club! And some outs once a while. I might not be blogging so frequently now because Form 5 is getting so busy…

1. I’ll have to study for SPM and the monthly EXAMS
2. I’ll have to buck up my ping pong skills because Mess’s coming!
3. Being worship co for CF isn’t easy when everyone keeps refusing to worship lead
4. Being a member in the school’s Persada team seems like hard work, but lucky me, I’m in the Marketing Department which is said to have the least job xD
5. I’ll be carrying lots of money! 2 treasurer posts (for Badminton and Rumah Ungu). Nyehehheeh, just one more treasurer post to beat Feli’s record of 3 treasurer posts.
6. As if sitting for SPM isn’t tough enough, my parents are forcing me to take SAT... my goodness...
7. Youth United gatherings are now monthly! Praise the LORD!
8. Avoiding getting my hair cut in school seems to be getting HARDER and HARDER, I guess I’ll really have to shave BOTAK if things gets desperate ^^
9. (My list can go on and on, but nah, no point in writing them out. I better get them done now!)

THis is Carl , the German dude in my class. lol jz jk.

So take care everyone. My afternoon nap awaits me...Ciaoz!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Want to Earn Money?

Get the code at

Not enough pocket money? No problem. I'll solve it for you. You see, above is a maze game which requires alot of skill and patience. The whole game only consists of 4 levels. At the end of the 4th level , a trophy will appear on the game. Take a screenshot and send it to me. I'll pay u rm 10.As your advaned more in the game, different trophies will appear.I'll really pay rm 10 for each trophy of different levels. I'm really serious guys. So do try to play it and have fun. ^^

Ps: music does help.. so turn your speakers louder!

Happy Birthday Sue Ann

I believe I do owe Sue Ann a longer testimony as I’ve known her for such a long time! Hehe. Well, I wasn’t even prepared for the testimony session during her birthday (all thanks to Jeremy, I had to share...) so, minta maaf ya OSA! Ok, here it goes...

According to Aunt Emily, I knew Sue Ann since I was a little baby. She even remembered me crawling around her house’s floor only wearing my diapers. Haha, wow, that’s a VERY long time. Well, according to my memories, I only started to know Sue Ann in my kindergarten, The Star Children House! It rocks man! Haha. There I was in the same class as Elise and Sue Ann. And since then, our friendship began….

Sunday school was always fun and enjoyable because not only we play learnt and ate hard, we played hard too! Those were the days... haha...Uncle Hong, Uncle David, and Mrs Maniam and yes Uncle Stephen (hehe) would be our SS teachers. What a wonderful time we had every Sunday morning. Well, it wasn’t long before we went on to primary school and it wasn’t surprising that Sue Ann, Elise and I went in the same school too. SJK(C) Chong Hwa. Haha but it didn’t last long. 1 year down the road, all of us shifted school. (That was my 1st change for school, to date; I’ve changed about 5 times, hehe). That was when we were separated (awww) haha, but we still met in church and talked about our school and everything was going on (or did us? Can’t remember...)

Zoom...zoom...zoommm... Form 1. haha time really does pass by very fast. Before I knew it, we’re all already 13! I was in Chong Hwa Private at that time and didn’t really communicate with any of the MUFFINS for almost a year? Well, it was kind of lonely but thanks to Benjamin, my life in Chong Hwa wasn’t that bad. Ok, I think I’m slightly going off topic here… So let me continue. Then form 2 came, my big year, I shifted to SMK Taman Melawati! I knew lots of people from that school so adapting wasn’t that hard. But still the ‘solat’ breaks for the Malays were kind of new to me. Form 2 was the year I started to know Sue Ann and the rest better. I started attending Ya again and I found that everyone my age( that time, in church , I think I was one of the very few boys that were 14.. and till now I’m still one of the very few ones..) had grown up. Just a lil ^^. I found that I couldn’t talk to Sue Ann that easily at first because she was always together with the others. But in no time, I found myself comfortably chatting and talking about our everyday lives everyday in msn and also in school. I found that Sue Ann was indeed a talkative girl (:P) . She could really talk and talk and talk and at the same time never failing to have a smile on her face! That’s why it was never boring to hang out with Sue Ann. hehe. Time passed by very fast again, and we were sat for out PMR. Throughout the whole of form 3, Sue Ann did helped me get used to the Youth Alive and she always did welcomed my presence with a warm smile which always did really greatly encouraged me.

Form 4... I was with Sue Ann in the CC (Creative Committee). Haha and I guess that’s when I really got to know the most of Sue Ann. I still remember our CC gatherings to plan events and which will one way or another lead to our session in mamak’s or Mcd’s and then would to our usual hangout hobby, chatting …..And chatting before actually getting thing’s planned and done for the YA. Hehe.
I was really surprised to find that SA was really creative at times and most of the YA events were mostly planned by her. Although Evon and Matt did helped greatly too. ( now that I mention it, I do feel like I was the laziest one there) haha.Another thing that amazes me is SA’s art work or the stuff she designs. She I can say is quite an artistic person (because she’s a left hander! ^^ like me...haha). Her graphics skills are not too bad either. Without her help, I think the YA would be lacking of booklets front covers and posters. THANK YOU SA!

Well, form 5 is still in the process…haha. I hope to see SA to continue growing in the Lord. She has been a very great source of encouragement to most of us in the church. Her caring attitude towards everyone are always seen almost every week . Study hard this year alright SA? It’s our final year so make it a sweet and a happy one. And may your birthday wishes come true too. ^^ Let’s see... Aunt Emily, do I win? hehehe just joking!

Monday, January 01, 2007

'zai jian' 2006 & Life Camp! 2007 'ni hao' !

So it’s come to an end of the year 2006. Sigh, it was indeed a very special year for me. So many things happened and past, so many lessons learnt there were happy times and of course sad times too... all in all it was indeed a very good year. Bye 2006 and hello 2007! I’m 17 already... oh man... time really do fly... its SPM year! …

Recently I’ve been to the Life Camp and while many didn’t enjoy it, I somehow find it very meaningful to me and I really enjoyed it. Well, you see, to enjoy this game (camp), you have the make the right choices and decisions. We all started playing the game of Life at the age of 15. It started with us dividing into groups or (districts) and we’re all part of a big city called Freecity. In this game, we were told that anything that is happening in the outside world can happen inside this game. Well, in the beginning we had our exams. This exam was important as it will determine your job status and salary pay which is very important later in the game. Well, to be honest, I didn’t really like the exam cause...yes... I failed the first test! And was a dropout... oh man... my salary was so low...unemployed...crap... it was the worst feeling I felt. Everyone around me was happy with their bachelor or diploma status while I was only a dropout. Since then, I decided to play the game seriously and make my decisions wisely. Haha. I even had the boys gathered in Jarod’s room to discuss my situation and the right decision to make the next day: will I continue to work as a dropout? Or take my test again? (FYI, examinations do cost money ... and being a dropout... I was kind of broke caused my ‘parents’ only left 450 bucks for me and I spent 300 on the last examination.) Haha... pretty bad situation huh? =P

Amazingly, as life goes on. My life changed drastically when I decided to take the exam again and obtained a diploma. (I know it’s only a diploma status but it means I can work alright!) So I got a job in the Bus Company and I would say that really saved my life. You see, in the life game, each round we have to fulfill our life requirements and that includes food, transportation, clothes, living place, and sports. All these can be bought from the campers that are business man. So yea , my company paid for all my expenses and so I was really free to do whatever I want with my salary , unlike most people who work hard all round to earn their salary and they have to spend it all on the life requirements and basically they were only earning just enough to last every round. I, which was the lucky one, was getting more and more money (I ‘m not saying how). Haha. Well, soon the game was getting better and mafias, robbers, mayor 'selection...and...Marriage all came into the game! I got married .Yea that’s it, nothing more. ^ ^But you see, I could see everyone, including myself was getting too busy with our own life in the game that we all forgot the purpose of the game. We were supposed to live purposed driven lives in the game. And what we were doing every round was just working, earning, buying, playing and some chasing after high education and high pay and some really were desperate in finding marriage partners. Most of us didn’t even realize there was a church in the game and like some (me), even though we found a church, it was a FAKE church! My goodness, like going to one Fake church wasn’t enough; I ended up signing up for 2 fake churches... until finally I found the real church and became a Christian in the game.

I thought I was saved, and continued with my own life living my selfish ambitions. When I started earning more money, I got greedy and started to buy insurance, became members of clubs and spent a lot of time in the casino =P. I thought then I had almost conquered the whole game because unlike most people, I was doing well, I had no financial problems, no ‘single ‘ status, was a Christian and I was getting really happy and went around spending a lot of my time and money in almost everything I could do in the game. It was really fun alright because new things and new stuffs always happens and comes into the game. There’s even fake money, fake goods and fake churches. Haha. The whole city was really real, it was almost as they said, and anything that happened outside the real world can happen inside the ‘Life game’. Then….just as everyone was happily living their lives… something really scary and important happened. It was the ending of the game. Well, instead of rejoicing that I’ve been successful throughout the game, I was in real shock because I realized I have lived a very terrible life and all my possessions were actually taken away from me. It was then that most people realize the true meaning of the game... and the secret ending. (I’m sorry but we all agreed not to tell the ending to anyone because it wouldn’t be fun anymore if others would know the ending before they played the game).

I’ve learnt that all of us were so busy chasing after our live goals on earth that we forget that this is only our temporally home. And that Satan’s is really smart in deceiving us and we must be careful. I realized that whenever I gain something, will it always be God’s grace that let me have it or will it be Satan’s temptation to make me continue to love this world? There’s so many more lessons that I’ve learnt in this camp and I really would love to spoil the ending but I’ve decided to keep it a secret for the sake of all of you who haven played the game. So yea, I highly recommend all of you readers to join this ‘Life Camp’. . I’m really glad that I’ve been given a second chance to live my life and I promise that I’ll live a fully purposed driven life so that in the end , I’ll be able to rejoice and say that ‘ I’ve done it! I’ve finish the race! I’ve fought the good fight and now... I’m saved! ‘ Oh ya , Heaven is counting on us u know.. Run with a heart that is true , carry the cross to reach the lost.. Heaven is counting on us to run the race!

Ok, I’ll be going to Ben’s house for Prics farewell now. And I’ll be visiting Sniffer too! Haha. So Tata 2006...2007 here I come! Camp pics coming up!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A day Aft4 Christmas, A day b4 Camp

Well to everyone, Merry Christmas i wish to all of you. Hope this year, You had a great year and i know you'll all have a better one next year. There's so much to blog about , Youth Christmas Event , Carolling, Christmas Day itself and my camp! hehe. I guess i'll blog about everything after i return from camp ya. 26-30th , Live Camp. So see you guys then!

( arghh.. i wrote a super long post just now but it disapppeared! so now feeling abit sad so i won't blog now.)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Random Stuff..Enjoy!

So i can't work today cause i'm still down with fever..darn. but hey thats not going to stop me from having fever! eh?! what's wrong with me... *correction thats not going to stop me from blogging! haha. so yea my day was basically a normal one, woke up late in the morning( at least i still have the monring word , unlike some people who can say) work up late in the AFTERNOON! .hehe so yea then watched CSI the whole afternoon and some other quite-boring-shows which even i have forgetten what they're called. ops. After that, had worship practice in chruch for Saturday's Youth Christmass Celebration!

Oh to those of you reading this now, please please do come join us and enjoy the presentations done by the Choir, The Messengers and a message by Pastor Tony too and not to forget my worship leading wakaka( nvrmind forget it) JUST COME! hehe .

It's this SAT , 7PM at chruch. Don't be LATE dude, it's not COOL ==. hehe

Then the fun part came! *cheng cheng cheng*

Amazing Race Asia!
Oh man.. Thailand's taxi drivers really really do suck... i can't believe they don't even know the way around thier country..and They're supposed 'pros' cause they're taxi driver? lol. anyway , THANK GOD this wasn't an elimination race, CAUSE..

Joe & Sabri came in last!!..THX to those taxi drivers... haha anyway , THANK GOD they're still in the race! Go Malaysia!

Oh yea..psss.. my parents are out again . Went for a movie WITHOUT US! ( Curse of the Golden Flower). sigh...haha anyway this reminds me of an incident which happened the other day when i went to watch Eragon with Ben. ( i know what you guys are thinking... not Ben only la another 8 of us but anyway let me continue). So we were walking into the cinema when we came across the poster of the C.O.T.G.Flower movie poster. My eyes immidiately turned to JAY CHOU! woohoo!

expecting something like "eh zx..this show cool wei ! got jay chou! must watch!" from Ben. He said a surprising and shocking "eh this show sucks man" ah why? u watched already? i asked. And dun dun dun.. the biggest, most surprising and SHOCKING statment came " no lah..but Jay Chou acting.. so sucks la.. he sucks at acting man.." i was like whoa.. is this BEN?! how could he say something like that? both of us are like gile- hard core jay chou. hehe but anyway.. yea later we both agreed that his acting skills kinda suck.. lol. see Initial D and you'll know. But hey! acting and singing are two COMPLETELY different stuff... so yea.. i still think his singing rocks! and i bet BEN thinks the same too. hehe!

Oh before i forget.. Alicia find the meaning of Feliznavidad ya.And Chris, i'm still waiting for your edit-pics-lesson. And how do you put colour into the fonts btw? haha i'm so noob..Ook nitez all. time for me to rest as i'm still not feeling well. :(

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Up and blogging once again!

Hey guys! Im back blogging again. First of all , i really would want to thank Owen and Alicia for thier hard work in making this blog for me. hehe. It's really nice.. thanks! Now, i really would want to blog now but i guess all the excitement and fun made me sick..even i can't believe it..the fever just came in the morning. haha this is like a curse i tell you. I still remember me getting sick when i first tried to start blogging earlier this year. hehe. Oh and i really do hope i donot have dengue !

Read the papers today and they said a rise in dengue cases in the Klang Valey :S
So much for all the news on membasmi aedes...ia mudah sahaja! haha. ok i guess i really have to sleep now. Hopefully i can work tomorrow ..psss.. ( my job very nice one k.. will let you guys know more about it tomorrow.hehe. ) so till then! nitez!